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Learn more about the pearls we use

What kind of pearls do we use in Atelier Devi designs?

We use only high quality natural pearls. They are cultured in fresh water and are exclusively mollusc products. We do not use "Swarovski" or glass pearls.

The pearls we work with have different sizes, shapes and colors, they are perfectly natural. in our store you can find round, baroque, fireball, keshi, oval, small or large pearls.

We mainly work with white or cream colored pearls, and recently we have introduced "peach" pink natural pearls.

What quality are our pearls?

The quality of pearls is determined according to several parameters: luster, clarity, color, size, shape.

In making each model we only select pearls that score good or very good on these attributes.

Our preference goes to baroque pearls with special shapes. They bring a modern touch and make the jewelry more interesting. In our store you can find a generous selection of jewelry made of baroque, fireball and keshi pearls.

How do you recognize real pearls?

We test the pearls regularly with the help of experts and issue certificates of quality and conformity for each gem.

A simple and quick test to check if pearls are real is to feel them on your skin. Real pearls feel cool to the touch. Instead, fake pearls are the same temperature as the room.

An alternative method is to look for small imperfections. Real pearls often have small imperfections and slightly irregular shapes. The fake ones appear "too" perfect and perfectly spherical.