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Tarot Necklace SilverTarot Necklace Silver
Atelier Devi
Tarot Necklace Silver Sale priceFrom €110,00 EUR
Citrine Silver EarringsCitrine Silver Earrings
Atelier Devi
Citrine Silver Earrings Sale price€99,00 EUR
La Mer NecklaceLa Mer Necklace
Atelier Devi
La Mer Necklace Sale priceFrom €104,52 EUR
Inel aur galben 14K si perle albeInel aur galben 14K si perle albe
Atelier Devi
Emiko 14K Gold Ring Sale price€229,00 EUR
Ginko 14K Gold StudsGinko 14K Gold Studs
Atelier Devi
Ginko 14K Gold Studs Sale price€139,00 EUR
Destiny Silver EarringsDestiny Silver Earrings
Atelier Devi
Destiny Silver Earrings Sale price€65,00 EUR
Blooming EarringsBlooming Earrings
Atelier Devi
Blooming Earrings Sale priceFrom €59,43 EUR
Full of Sparkle 14K Gold ChainFull of Sparkle 14K Gold Chain
Coco 14K Gold HuggiesCoco 14K Gold Huggies
Atelier Devi
Coco 14K Gold Huggies Sale price€200,00 EUR
Sphere Necklace SilverColier din sfere de argint
Atelier Devi
Sphere Necklace Silver Sale price€110,00 EUR
Coin Pearls Earrings SilverCoin Pearls Earrings Silver
Letter 14K PendantLetter 14K Pendant
Atelier Devi
Letter 14K Pendant Sale price€75,00 EUR
Peridot Pearl Silver EarringsPeridot Pearl Silver Earrings
Sphere Earrings M
Atelier Devi
Sphere Earrings M Sale price€35,00 EUR
Flame EarringsFlame Earrings
Atelier Devi
Flame Earrings Sale price€85,00 EUR
Golden Light 14K Gold EarringsGolden Light 14K Gold Earrings
Ella Pearl AnkletElla Pearl Anklet
Atelier Devi
Ella Pearl Anklet Sale price€67,63 EUR
Ella Pearl NecklaceElla Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Ella Pearl Necklace Sale price€100,42 EUR
Colier din perle si pietre pretioase culoare pastel | Atelier DeviColier din perle și pietre prețioase în culori pastel | Atelier Devi
Atelier Devi
Kreta Pearl Necklace Sale price€106,57 EUR
Keshi Pearl ChainKeshi Pearl Chain
Atelier Devi
Keshi Pearl Chain Sale price€79,93 EUR
Silver Sphere BraceletBratara din sfere de argint | Atelier Devi
Atelier Devi
Silver Sphere Bracelet Sale price€57,00 EUR
Flow Necklace 14K GoldFlow Necklace 14K Gold
Atelier Devi
Flow Necklace 14K Gold Sale price€229,00 EUR
Yoko Pearl Stud 14K GoldYoko Pearl Stud 14K Gold
Atelier Devi
Yoko Pearl Stud 14K Gold Sale price€185,00 EUR
Drop Earrings SDrop Earrings S
Atelier Devi
Drop Earrings S Sale price€55,00 EUR
Milla Bracelet SilverMilla Bracelet Silver
Atelier Devi
Milla Bracelet Silver Sale price€57,00 EUR
Pink Topaz 14K Gold HuggiesPink Topaz 14K Gold Huggies
Sakura Necklace 14K GoldSakura Necklace 14K Gold
Atelier Devi
Sakura Necklace 14K Gold Sale price€225,00 EUR
Tiny Squares 14K Gold HuggiesTiny Squares 14K Gold Huggies
Amethyst 14K Gold HuggiesAmethyst 14K Gold Huggies
Atelier Devi
Amethyst 14K Gold Huggies Sale price€180,00 EUR
Bars Necklace Silver
Atelier Devi
Bars Necklace Silver Sale price€75,00 EUR
Destiny Necklace SilverDestiny Necklace Silver
Atelier Devi
Destiny Necklace Silver Sale priceFrom €92,22 EUR
Doris Pearl NecklaceDoris Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Doris Pearl Necklace Sale price€114,77 EUR
Gia Pearl NecklaceGia Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Gia Pearl Necklace Sale price€95,00 EUR
Gia Pearl BraceletGia Pearl Bracelet
Atelier Devi
Gia Pearl Bracelet Sale price€53,28 EUR
Gia Pearl AnkletAnklet - brățară de picior din perle și pietre prețioase
Atelier Devi
Gia Pearl Anklet Sale price€63,53 EUR
Ingrid Pearl NecklaceIngrid Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Ingrid Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom €106,57 EUR
Colier din perle mici, rotunde și pandantiv inimă din aur filat | Atelier DeviColier din perle mici, rotunde și pandantiv inimă din aur filat | Atelier Devi
Cercei rotunzi aur filat și perle naturale | Atelier DeviFiesta Pearl Hoops
Atelier Devi
Fiesta Pearl Hoops Sale price€79,93 EUR
Yvonne Pearl NecklaceYvonne Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Yvonne Pearl Necklace Sale price€118,86 EUR