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The quality of our products

Your satisfaction is an essential component of the Atelier Devi brand, which is why we pay extra attention at all stages, from concept and design, to execution and final presentation, so that we offer you the best quality products when you purchase jewelry from our website. In this regard, we use high-quality materials that have undergone testing processes before sale.

The Warranty Certificate certifies the quality of the ordered jewelry and its compliance with international standards. The Warranty Certificate certifies that the jewelry is made of the material present in the product description and will not change its properties in case of its proper use for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

Warranty conditions

The jewelery purchased from our website is a new product, free of defects and marked in accordance with the legal provisions. Although Atelier Devi jewelry has not been designed for a predetermined average duration of use, it can maintain its functionality over a long period of time, if the instructions and recommendations for use provided both on the website and in the content of the warranty certificate are followed . However, with the passage of time and wear, the jewelry will show signs of wear, and this is not a defect.


The warranty does not cover jewelry defects caused by:

  • unauthorized cleaning, maintenance and/or repair;
  • any impermissible action and/or inaction, which may damage the product, such as (but not limited to) wearing the jewelry during sporting, occupational, or household activities or improper wearing and/or storage;
  • exposing the jewelry to destructive environments that may damage and/or prematurely wear the jewelry (such as, but not limited to: dust, smoke, steam, solvents, bleaches, petroleum products, adhesives, acids, salts, perfume, skin creams, hairspray or any other cosmetics and/or cleaning products, chlorine or substances containing chlorine, sulfur or substances containing sulfur or any other chemical substances)

Jewelery exposed to the above factors may show changes in appearance and/or texture (abrasions, impregnations, deformations, breaks, detachments, cracks, scratches, corrosion, discoloration).


Repairs for products whose damage results solely from a defect in workmanship will be carried out free of charge by us within the warranty period. Also, if the product requires repairs or modifications, it must be sent to our headquarters in Bucharest by the customer. Atelier Devi does not assume shipping charges.

If Atelier Devi determines that repair is not possible, the jewelry will be replaced under the conditions stipulated by Law no. 449/2003, revised. In case of product replacement, delivery of the same model is not guaranteed, but of a similar product of equivalent value.

Consumer rights contained in Emergency Ordinance no. 21/1992 (republished) and Law no. 449/2003 (revised) are not affected by the guarantees offered.