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Article: How do you recognize real pearls?

Cum recunoști perlele adevărate?

How do you recognize real pearls?

Why choose natural pearls? We like natural pearls because they have a special beauty , each pearl is different and thus each piece of jewelry we make becomes unique. That is why we have selected reliable suppliers from Europe and Asia who have not only unique pearls, but also all the necessary authorizations and certificates.

In addition, we regularly test the pearls using advanced methods by experts in the field and issue quality and compliance certificates for each gem.

You too can discover, in a few simple steps, if the pearls you purchased are real - created by oysters, or fake - made of glass or plastic.

Simple tests you can do:

1. You can gently rub the pearl against one of your teeth face. Real pearls have a sandy texture, caused by the natural existence of small imperfections. Fake pearls are smooth and one cannot feel the presence of imperfections.

2. An alternative method is to rub two pearls together. A slight friction is felt between the natural pearls caused by the existence of small perfectly natural imperfections. Fake pearls are smooth and "slide", friction being almost non-existent.

After this test you will be able to find a little white powder on your fingers - this is further proof that the pearls are real.

3. Look for small imperfections. Real pearls often have small imperfections and slightly irregular shapes. The fake ones appear "too" perfect, spherical and almost always having the same amount of pearl on each side. Also, real pearls, being produced by nature, are rarely perfectly round. To test whether the pearl is perfectly round, roll it on a flat surface. Imperfect - therefore true - pearls do not serate in a straight line.

4. Feel the pearls on your skin. Real pearls feel cold to the touch and take a few seconds to reach the same temperature. In contrast, fake pearls are the same temperature as the room temperature and do not feel cold on the skin.

Now that you know how to identify real pearls from fake ones, we invite you to discover our collection of natural pearl jewelry here .

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