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Discover natural pink pearls, selections of sparkling natural stones in vivid colors and unique combinations of charming pearls. All combined in jewelry for you to feel and show how beautiful you are this summer.

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Stardust Pearl Anklet
Rosa Pearl NecklaceRosa Pearl Necklace
Rosa Pearl Earringscercei-perle-naturale-roz-și-albe-atelier-devi
Gia Pearl NecklaceGia Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Gia Pearl Necklace Sale price€90,00 EUR
Tina Pearl NecklaceTina Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Tina Pearl Necklace Sale price€125,00 EUR
Gia Pearl AnkletAnklet - brățară de picior din perle și pietre prețioase
Atelier Devi
Gia Pearl Anklet Sale price€64,00 EUR
Lucia Pearl ChainLucia Pearl Chain
Atelier Devi
Lucia Pearl Chain Sale price€80,00 EUR
Bella Pearl EarringsBella Pearl Earrings
Sofia Pearl NecklaceSofia Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Sofia Pearl Necklace Sale price€120,00 EUR
Ella Pearl AnkletElla Pearl Anklet
Atelier Devi
Ella Pearl Anklet Sale price€65,00 EUR
Sofia Pearl AnkletSofia Pearl Anklet
Atelier Devi
Sofia Pearl Anklet Sale price€68,00 EUR
Ella Pearl NecklaceElla Pearl Necklace
Atelier Devi
Ella Pearl Necklace Sale price€99,00 EUR
Chiara Pearl NecklaceChiara Pearl Necklace
Sofia Pearl BraceletSofia Pearl Bracelet
Atelier Devi
Sofia Pearl Bracelet Sale price€65,00 EUR
Bella Pearl Anklet
Atelier Devi
Bella Pearl Anklet Sale price€65,00 EUR
Rosa Pearl AnkletRosa Pearl Anklet
Atelier Devi
Rosa Pearl Anklet Sale price€64,00 EUR
Gia Pearl BraceletGia Pearl Bracelet
Atelier Devi
Gia Pearl Bracelet Sale price€60,00 EUR
Ella Pearl BraceletElla Pearl Bracelet
Pink Pearl BraceletPink Pearl Bracelet
Bella Pearl ChainBella Pearl Chain
Atelier Devi
Bella Pearl Chain Sale price€95,00 EUR
Sienna Pearl ChainSienna Pearl Chain
Atelier Devi
Sienna Pearl Chain Sale price€99,00 EUR
Sienna Pearl EarringsSienna Pearl Earrings
Lucia Pearl EarringsLucia Pearl Earrings
Sienna Pearl BraceletSienna Pearl Bracelet
Atelier Devi
Sienna Pearl Bracelet Sale price€60,00 EUR
Wonders of the Sea Pearl EarringsWonders of the Sea Pearl Earrings